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The Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology was founded in 1959 as a Higher Technical School of Metallurgy, which in 1961 transformed into a Faculty of Metallurgy, University of Sarajevo.


The first task of the Faculty of Metallurgy was the education of metallurgical engineers for the needs of the Zenica Ironworks, which was founded in 1892.In 1964 the study profile for Metal Casting and in 1969 the study profile for Non-ferrous Metallurgy were introduced at the Faculty of Metallurgy and these study profiles grow into departments. In academic 1989/90 a new Department of Metallic Materials was introduced.


During the war, the Faculty, although under very difficult conditions, worked without interruption.Immediately after the end of the war, an initiative for transformation of the Faculty was launched in order to increase the attractiveness and satisfy the needs of the B&H market.Transformation is completed in academic.1998./99. by introducing the Department of Non-metallic Materials and the Faculty has officially changed its name to the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science.Namely, our Faculty was and still is the only Faculty in B&H for studying metallic materials in terms of their production and processing, as well as their design. However, the rising demand for non-metallic materials in the world and in our country as well as in the fact that there are rich deposits of non-metallic and mineral raw materials in B&H have created a need for education of engineers for this industrial branch. From the academic year 2006/2007. At the Faculty the Department of Chemical Engineering was introduced.


From the academic year 2017/2018, the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, which was preceded by a detailed analysis of the work and revision of curricula at all departments.Following the trends in the development of similar faculties in the region (faculties that produce engineers of same or similar profiles), it is noticeable that their names are either Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy or The Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, with further division into departments.


The change of the name opens the possibility of expanding the educational potential of the Faculty and introduction of new departments and the strengthening of the technological (technical) component at the University of Zenica.


Since 1959 to date, 1.292 students have graduated from the Faculty, 68 candidates received the master's degree and 44 candidates received the scientific degree of the Doctor of Technical Science

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