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Mission of the Faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, as an organizational unit of the University of Zenica, is to, with the constant innovation of teaching contents, the application of modern methods and techniques of education, educate young and high-quality experts in the field of technical sciences: metallurgy, metallic materials, non-metallic materials and chemical engineering that are capable of being leaders in the development of the Canton, the region and beyond.

Education at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology includes a whole spectrum of development of modern technology harmonized with the trends of the region, as a good base for a practical profession, and for effective creative work also.

Education at the Faculty is in the process of alignment with European trends.

The role of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology is to devise, examine and develop innovations in the area of engineering and technical sciences as well as to support the development of the Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina through scientific and technical support.

Alignment with European trends consists in continuous and systematic work on improving all areas of a quality assurance (study programs, teaching, research, student evaluation, textbooks, resources, management process, etc), raising the efficiency in the educational process, connecting educational, research and professional activities, as well as the construction and improvement of internal organization.

Vision of the Faculty

The vision of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology in Zenica is to develop into a modern European higher education institution recognized by its scientific and research achievements and achievements of graduated students and postgraduates in the field of metallurgy, materials and chemical engineering, through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and training of students for independent work.

The Faculty intention is to educate young people who will lead the progress of the industry in our country and the region, professionals capable of engaging in cooperation and continuing education at universities all over the world.

The goals of the Faculty

      • Increasing interest in metallurgy, metallic and nonmetallic materials and chemical engineering studies.
      • Raising the quality level of all three study cycles: undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies.
      • Improving curricula.
      • Enabling students to expand their knowledge and tailor specialization by their own choice.
      • Transfer of the latest scientific and professional knowledge.
      • Continuous creation of new scientific-teaching staff and scientific-professional youth.
      • Increasing mobility and international recognition of the acquired qualifications of all three study cycles.

The mission, vision and goals should contribute to faster integration of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology into European and world scientific and research trends, which also contributes to the development of the University of Zenica.

Mission of the Faculty

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