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General information

The curriculum of the second study cycle of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology is a continuation of education in the scientific fields of the first study cycle preparing students, future masters, for independent and research work, which means that the study has three study profiles:

      • Metallurgy
      • Materials: direction Metal materials and direction Non-metallic materials
      • Chemical engineering

The second cycle of study lasts two semesters. By completing the second cycle of study with Master's Thesis - the student complete 60 ECTS points, which together with the first cycle makes 300 ECTS points.


There are five courses for each study programe in the first semester. Two courses are compulsory and three are electivel. Elective courses students choose from a group of elective courses depending on the study programe. The second semester is designated for research work in the field of Master thesis. For research work, 12 ECTS credits are awarded and for the master thesis another 18 ECTS points.


By completing the study programe, students gain the following academic titles:

      • Master of metallurgy
      • Master of metal materials
      • Master of non-metallic materials
      • Master of Chemical Technology



Study programs

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